Playground Contributors
$5,000 or more
McLean Contributionship
The Philadelphia Foundation
Drumcliff Foundation

Mary Goldman
New Horizon Housing
University of the Sciences
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Commerce Bank
Friends of Clark Park
Jack Gillespie
Independence Blue Cross
Anne Kringel & Wendell Pritchett
Lynn & Andrew Lees
Joseph & Vanessa Lowery
Moon Site Management
O'Donnell Real Estate
Parent-Infant Center
Regent Square Civic Association
Spruce Hill Christian School
University City District

$500 or more
Jeff Lutzner & Jessica DeGroot, Ann Kreidle & Patrick O'Neill, Maureen Tate & Gerald McHugh, Cynthia Roberts & Dan Biddle, Spruce Hill Community Association, Kate Stover & Tim Wood

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Amanda Benner & Bill Moriarty, Peter Buttenwieser, Andy Cole & Janet Lewis, Paul Brooks & Joan Halpert, Margaret Kasschau, Leroy Nunery, Marilyn Sanbourne & Richard Labowski

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Sarah Barr & Bart Bono, Bob Behr & Nancy Juergens, Linda Blythe, Fran Byers, Alfred Campbell, Frank & Linda Chance, Robert & Jennifer Dages, Steve Davis & Nina Hope, Ivan & Jane Dmochowski, Alex Doty & Ingrid Schafroth, Kathy Dowdell & Kevin Fisher, Murray Dubin & Libby Rosoff, Alan Edelstein, Linda Fischer, Wayne Fleishman, Dorothy Gillam, Evelyn Goodgal, Chad & Lotte Gottschlich, Mike Hardy & Barry Grossbach, Richard Guffanti & Theresa Tsai, Cynthia & Bruce Haskin, HMS School, Joannes Hoek & Marja Hoek Smit, Mark & Alice Elaine Jenson, Debra Kimmelman & Pamela Seida, Jamie Kudera & David Mandell, Melani Lamond & Brian Ratigan, Thomas & Marie Langan, Lauren & David Leatherbarrow, Lew Mellman & Christine Coward, Ruth Mellman, Louise Crawley-McDougal, Patricia Pickup, Julie Regnier & David Lange, Michele Richman, Bruce & Carolyn Routledge, Todd Sandler & Allison Williams, Naomi Segal & Rie Brosco, Alison & Daniel MacKensie Shah, Joseph Shapiro, Jacqueline Slaughter, Leslie Spotz, Margaret Strothers, Urban & Bye Realtors, Nan & Andrew Wallace, Tony West & Diane Cloutier, Daniel Widyono & Dorothy Charbonnier, John Woodin & Amy Orr, Joy Wiltenburg & Richard Womer

What's new?

Dog debates
Controversy over unleashed dogs was the main issue at the Friends of Clark Park winter Membership Meeting on Jan. 13. For months now, complaints about aggressive dogs, mostly in the Bowl, have been simmering in the neighborhood.

More than 55 people crammed into a USP classroom for serious debate on the way dogs and people are getting along in the park. Both "pro" and "con" factions were well represented. Discussion was impassioned while remaining focused and courteous.

A committee will be appointed to look into the feasibility of a dedicated dog run, of leash law enforcement, and other related issues. Contact for details.

Events guidelines
A committee on amplified-sound events is preparing recommendations for minor changes in the Recreation Department's current guidelines. These should reduce stress on the community and make festival organizers' jobs easier. Contact for details.

Information, please
The FOCP board voted in December 2003 to replace the crumbling, inefficient bulletin boards around the park with two new information kiosks: one for the North Park and one near the playgrounds. FOCP wants a durable design that will be adequate for a heavily used community information center. Contact for details.

How has the renewal plan and the Farmers' Market helped Clark Park? A Penn student's paper explains.

'Hack' helps out
Thanks to Big Ticket Productions, producers of the TV show "Hack," for a $500 donation following filming in Clark Park last summer. And a special pat on the back to FOCP member Anne Kringel for soliciting the contribution. Way to go, Anne!

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