Clark Park Events Guidelines

By Barbara McCabe,  Department of Recreation

     If you are planning to hold an event in Clark Park, you must obtain a permit through Recreation District Manager Joseph Dougherty at the Myers Recreation Center at 58th & Kingsessing. Joe can be reached at 215-685-2697; please call ahead before visiting. At least two weeks notice is required for events, and you should try to reserve your dates early. Copies of all permits are forwarded to me in the Recreation Parks office. Friends of Clark Park also receives a copy of all permits.

Back in 2001, a committee was formed to address community concerns regarding parks usage, specifically for permitted events. The Clark Park Quality of Life Task Force (QOL) included representatives from the Recreation Dept, the 18th Police District, Friends of Clark Park, the UCD, several community organizations and a few large event organizers, including the Clark Park Music & Arts Festival and the Woodland Ave Reunion. After a series of meetings, guidelines for park usage were developed and approved by the Recreation Department. These guidelines are to be used in 2003.
Only one event per weekend can have amplified sound. There can still be an event on Saturday and on Sunday, but only one can have amplified sound, whether it be music or speech. Also, there can still be music both days, but one of them must be unplugged. Note: Three long-time community annual events: the Spruce Hill May Fair, the Clark Park Music & Arts Festival(s), and the Woodland Avenue Reunion are scheduled in advance of other requests on their regular annual weekends.
. Amplified sound during an event may not exceed six hours in duration. In addition, permit holder will select a six-hour window within the 11AM-8PM time frame. Note: The Clark Park Music & Arts Festival is an exception to this, and has been grandfathered. Their events will continue to have amplified sound from 11AM -8PM for their June event and 11AM-7PM for their September event.
3. Films will be given special exception since they must be shown after dark. Films will not be scheduled the same night as another event, but could be scheduled the same weekend.

Basically, the guidelines help us to schedule events in a manner that is more neighbor-friendly by limiting the number of amplified sound events per weekend and reducing the number of hours of sound per event. They are a tool for better scheduling, and no one has ever been denied a permit for the park.
The Recreation Department participated fully in the development of these guidelines, and had final approval of them. We think the guidelines worked well in their inaugural season in 2002, and therefore will continue to utilize them in 2003.
We believe that they represent a reasonable compromise between park users and the neighbors immediately surrounding the park. We want the park to continue to be a venue for exciting events and community gatherings. We also want the neighbors who live near the park to have the peace and relaxation they deserve on summer weekends. We will again monitor the implications of the guidelines during the 2003 season, and if necessary, we will refine and revise.

      Please feel free to contact my office at 215-685-0705 with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to working with you in planning another season of events in beautiful Clark Park.

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