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  What's New?

Help Buy New Trees for Clark Park!

Eat Brunch at Abbraccio Restaurant
802 S. 47th Street (47th & Warrington)
Sunday, June 20

This Father’s Day and the third Sunday of the month throughout the summer and fall, Abbraccio continues its support of Clark Park by donating 5% of food sales from Sunday Brunch to the Friends of Clark Park to support the purchase of replacement trees.

So join your friends and neighbors for a fantastic Sunday brunch. On June 30th, the guest Waffle Chef will be the FOCP's own Darryl Stovall, and on July 17th, Andy Cole will perform the flapjack honors. Help keep your park green!

Membership Meeting of April 13, 2004

Amazingly, 35 people braced the dreary rain of April 13th to attend the spring Membership Meeting at Rosenberger Hall in the South Park.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee, created at the spring 2003 membership meeting, presented a "map" or comprehensive guide to the different stakeholders or user groups that frequent the park, with contact persons whenever possible. This committee was set up to study the park's different user groups and explore ways to make sure they are included in Friends of Clark Park as well as in park planning. FOCP President Tony West summed up its accomplishments thus far: All user groups were contacted, although some groups are unorganized and hard to reach in an orderly fashion. As this map nears completion, specific outreach missions become possible. Top priority outreach mission is to basketball players, because there is a possibility that the Recreation Department will be making improvements to the basketball court.

For the members present, Ann DeForest ran an interactive workshop to introduce the idea of "user groups." Using charts, maps and crayons, she showed how people experience the park in different and complex ways that both separate them from other people and create links to still others. The same person can belong to many different user groups, sharing different experiences with different sets of neighbors. Most popular activity in the park among the crowd that night -- the Farmer's Market!

Dog Committee

Dog Committee Chairman Jonathan Snyder and Linda Amsterdam delivered the group's first interim report. This committee was formed after the winter meeting to explore solutions to complaints about unleashed dogs in the park. The committee has summed up seven alternatives: (1) Fenced Dog Run; (2) Separate the Bowl from the Playground Area; (3) Create a Linear Barrier between the Bowl and the Tot Lot; (4) Fence the Playground; (5) Status Quo, but Add Education and Self-Policing; (6) Allow Dogs Only on Leash, Enforcing the City Ordinance; (7) Allow Dogs Off Leash During Certain Hours of the Day.

The committee is seeking public input to its full report, which is available for download here. For information, contact chair .


How has the renewal plan and the Farmers' Market helped Clark Park? A Penn student's paper explains.



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